My Journey

I have spent the last several years in the field of internal medicine, working as a physician in acute care settings like hospitals. Through this experience, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects of diseases, as well as how traditional medicine tends to treat them. There are incredible, cutting-edge interventions for acute illness and injury; however, in my opinion, we are not very well equipped as a field to manage chronic or long-duration diseases like cancer, autoimmune disorders, and heart problems, just to name a few.

For these chronic ailments, we tend to rely too heavily on prescriptions and medications, but these are often not enough. And sometimes they can do more harm than good if there are adverse reactions. I have also witnessed the effects of stress on health, and how detrimental the lack of proper nutrition and exercise is to wellness.

The healing process is a journey, and I am so excited to take this journey alongside my patients, and offer them my expertise, knowledge, inspiration, and support along the way.

How are we different?

We get to know you first!

  • This comes through extensive testing of your genetics, lab work, sleep quality, nutrition, fitness level, microbiome, biometrics, and conversations around your individual goals, life circumstances and environment
  • Once we achieve that we can design an individualized plan for you including nutrition, supplements as needed or even iv therapies
  • We use additional techniques like neurofeedback, mind-body therapies or JOOVV to help you navigate the healing process.
  • We take you through a education process so you will also build knowledge on wellness, stress reduction and longevity
  • We collaborate closely with other alternative medicine practitioners and conventional medicine specialists
  • We are here as your mentor and to remind you that the healing power resides in you!

My Projects

Integrative/Functional Medicine
Peak Performance Expert
Biohacking Fan


Featured Services

We cover a big variety of medical services

We combine the best of conventional medicine with innovative Functional Medicine testing and we utilize nutrition, mind-body approach, supplements, fitness to help your body heal.

Various devices and services designed to help your brain and body heal and recover after an illness or just after a long day!

New approach to weight loss using a proven meal replacement system combined with integrative medicine approach-supplements and amazing devices

Retrain your brain in a safe and efficient way! Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function by which our brain learns to be more efficient.

Just as we can write and install apps in our electronic devices we can construct ‘’apps’’ and install them in our complex mind-body system.

Celebrate your special occasion in a healthier way! You will feel like a star next day!


Covid-19 long haulers-what to do now?

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Cityboxmedia presenting MCIM and DIOR makeup and functional skin care party for elite makeup artists!

Healing the healers

I do think my colleagues value self care and they know how important it is. However, they get very busy and forget to exercise self-care practices. It takes self-discipline, motivation and self-permission to carve out the time to mindfully do self-care activities. A Most healthcare professionals may see a need to serve patients and forget [...]